Webpresence Frequently Asked Questions


What is Webpresence?

Webpresence is a service from Websoft Nigeria Ltd. aimed at giving Nigerian businesses and corporate organizations the serious and professional look that is needed for competitive edge both locally and internationally.

It is proven that prospective customers tend to take you more seriously when you use corporate emails (e.g. info@softconcepts, sales@topehats etc.) for business communication.

The Webpresence package gives you the opportunity to have access to these amazing benefits: emails@yourdomainname, a domain name, web hosting and a presence-website. These features will give your business/organization the much needed serious and professional look. Webpresence comes in two packages: Webpresence Basic and Webpresence Plus.

What is Webpresence Basic?
Webpresence Basic contains the core of the Webpresence package with no extra features. The features include: one corporate email address (name@yourdomainname), free single-template 3 pages presence-website, free 1 year web hosting, free content management system and free online directory listing.

What is Webpresence Plus?
The Webpresence Plus is a premium package that has more flexible options and features. The features include: unlimited corporate email addresses (name@yourdomainname), free multiple-template, unlimited pages presence-website, free 1 year web hosting, free content management system and free online directory listing.

What is the difference between Webpresence Basic and Webpresence Plus?
Webpresence Basic comes with one corporate email and single-template (design)  3 pages presence-website but Webpresence Plus comes with unlimited corporate email addresses, multiple-template (design) unlimited pages presence-website.

Which domain name comes free with webpresence packages?

.ng.cm domain name comes free with every purchase of a webpresence package. However, other domain names like .com and .com.ng can also be registered with a webpresence package by a buyer, they will attract extra costs. It is also important to note that registration of domain names are subject to their availability.

After purchasing Webpresence Basic, can I upgrade my package to Webpresence Plus?
Yes you can. You can always upgrade from Webpresence Basic to Webpresence Plus.

Is it free to upgrade from Webpresence Basic to Webpresence Plus?
No, you will have to pay for the upgrade. The amount to be paid will be the difference between the prices of the two packages.

Can I change the design of my website?
Yes you can, but with webpresence Basic you cannot because it has only one design template. To change the design of your website, you need to upgrade to webpresence Plus which has multiple design templates.

Can I use a Webpresence website as an e-commerce website?
You might not be able to do this because an e-commerce website requires some specific features which you can get only by having a custom design website. You can get an e-commerce website by requesting for a custom design website. Note that such requests will be charged accordingly.

How can I get a custom design website?
Custom design is available on request. Call us on 0700-22557338 or send a mail to info@websoft.com.ng.

Why should I stop using free email services?
Using free email services for corporate correspondence makes you look unserious and unprofessional. Also, prospective clients could get the impression that you are cheap and not ready for substantive business. It is a known fact that free email services can be easily hijacked by fraudsters to defraud your customers.

Why should I use Webpresence corporate emails?
By using webpresence corporate emails, you are using you own name for all your business communications and not Yahoo, Gmail or other free email services. This  makes your business/organization look more serious and professional because the emails are registered at your domain name e.g. info@yourdomainname, enquiry@yourdomainname etc.

How many corporate emails can I get with the Webpresence service?
Webpresence Basic comes with one corporate email while Webpresence Plus comes with unlimited corporate emails.

How much web hosting storage space comes with the packages?

Every webpresence package comes with 250MB of storage free.

Can I increase my web hosting storage space to accomodate my needs?

Yes. It is possible to increase the web hosting storage space. It costs only N2,500 for every additional 500MB of web hosting storage space.

Why do I need to get Webpresence?
Getting webpresence gives you your own online identity. The package comes with

  • corporate email(s) - helping you do all your communications with your own name, giving you a more serious look.
  • a presence-website - making information 'about your business/organization', 'what you do' and 'how to contact you' readily available to prospective clients.
  • free listing on our online directory ensuring that your business/organization becomes easily findable by prospective clients from a global market.

Once the package has been set up, it comes with everything required (technology-wise) for you to begin receiving emails immediately after set-up. There is No need to buy a separate web hosting package or domain name etc. It all comes in the same box

Is Webpresence only for businesses?
No, webpresence is for ALL registered organizations, bodies, associations including businesses that value the need to look serious and professional.

Who can use Webpresence?
Webpresence can be used by registered organizations, associations, corporate individuals, small and medium scale businesses. If you have letterheads and/or business cards, you should have webpresence.

How is presence-website different from a full-fledged website?
A presence-website is a basic functional site designed to present  the core information people need to know about you; who you are, what you do and how to contact you. If a full-fledged website is likened to a business brochure, a presence-website should be thought of as a business card, presenting the most critical information people need to know about you.

How can I set up my presence-website and corporate email(s)?
To set up your presence-website, fill in the content about the company, contact details and products/services. These details can be edited subsequently. After this you can set up your domain name and business email(s). Almost immediately, your corporate email(s) and presence-website will be up and running.

How can I get Webpresence?

  1. Click 'Get webpresence' or 'Buy Now' at www.webpresence.ng.cm
  2. Fill the one-page form, choose your desired webpresence package and click 'Create Site' to create the site.
  3. Pay online via your ATM card (or Visa and MasterCard credit cards) or to our designated bank account:
    • Account Name: WEBSOFT LIMITED
      Account Number: 611 730 2375
      Bank: Zenith Bank (at the bank, state that you are paying for webpresence)
  4. Click 'Client login' login on www.webpresence.ng.cm and sign in to confirm your payment (required for bank payment only).
  5. Follow the required progress steps to set up your presence-website.

 Do I need any form of documentation to set up my webpresence package?

Yes you do. For every webpresence package you purchase, you will be required to designate a person as the guarantor of that presence-website. This person should be someone well affiliated with the business, organization, person, association or entity registering the presence-website, preferrably the owner of the entity. The guarantor will be treated as the owner of the website.

Documentation identifying the guarantor must be sent (scanned and uploaded) to complete authentication of the presence-website. The required guarantor documents are:

  1. A photocopy of guarantor's current (non-expired) and valid means of identification, e.g., driver's licence, international passport bio-page, national ID card or voter's registration card.
  2. A current and valid utility bill e.g., PHCN bills. The utility bill must not be more than 3 months-old, and it must bear the same address as the one that appears on the submitted identification document.

Note that failure to send these required documentation within 30 days from the purchase of a webpresence package will lead to the shutdown of all services (corporate email(s), web hosting, presence-website, listing on the online directory and all others) associated with the purchased webpresence package without prior notification, irrespective of the amount paid for the service.

Can I buy more than one Webpresence package?
Yes you can, for different unique entities/businesses. This because our system only recognizes unique entities with each webpresence package.

Do I need to be a web developer before I can set up my webpresence business email(s) and website?
No, absolutely not. Setting up the webpresence package is as simple as setting up a facebook account, maybe simpler. You can easily set up webpresence business email(s) and presence-website as easily as you would set up your facebook account.

How long will it take to set up my webpresence corporate email(s) and website?
It takes only a few minutes to fill the form required for setting up your webpresence corporate email(s) and presence-website. It is as easy as setting up your Facebook account.


What is the webpresence Directory?
The webpresence directory is an online directory of all Nigerian businesses/organizations that has an online identity. All presence-websites on the webpresence platform have the privilege of automatically getting listed on the webpresence Directory for FREE. All other websites can get listed on the webpresence directory for N5,000. 

The webpresence Directory makes it easy for prospective clients to find information about your products and services. Also, more people will find it easier to access your presence-website through the webpresence Directory.

How can my business/organization get listed in the webpresence Directory?
Getting any of the webpresence packages guarantees you a place in the webpresence Directory. Your business automatically gets listed in the webpresence Directory when you get a presence-website.

What is the maximum number of listings I can have in the webpresence Directory?
If you a have more than one webpresence package in your portfolio, you will enjoy multiple listing because each business/organization will be listed separately.

How much does it cost to be listed in the webpresence Directory?
It comes at no cost. It is absolutely FREE.


What is the cost of the webpresence packages?
The webpresence service is basically free but you are only required to pay a yearly access charge.
The yearly access charge for webpresence Basic and webpresence Plus are N10,000 and N20,000 respectively when you buy directly from our website.
The yearly access charge for webpresence Basic and webpresence Plus are N5,000 and N10,000 respectively when you buy through webpresence marketers.

What is the yearly access charge?
Enjoying the benefits of the webpresence service is free, while the yearly access charge is just a yearly token to access our webpresence system.

Will I be charged for domain name registration and web hosting?
No, you won't. You are only required to pay the yearly access charge.

How can I pay for webpresence?
You can pay in to the designated bank account or pay online with your ATM card or Visa and MasterCard.

What are the details of the designated bank account?
Account Name is: WEBSOFT LIMITED
Account Number is: 611 730 2375
Bank: Zenith Bank