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Why You Should Stop Using Free Email Services for Your Business

info@gtbank looks more serious and professional than gtbank@yahoo

How would you feel if your bank sends you an email from any of
these email addresses; gtbank99@yahoo, gtbank4real@yahoo or
gtbank@yahoo? It is almost certain that you will be taken aback, and if you are discerning, you will most probably be on the red alert fearing that you are about to be scammed. This is because you do not expect your bank or any other serious organization to send you a mail using free email services like yahoo, gmail or hotmail. You expect them to be serious and professional. Using free email services does not portray seriousness and professionalism in business correspondence.

Serious and professional organizations send out mails using their domain names. For example, Gtbank ( You should be using email addresses @yourdomainname for business correspondence if you really want to look serious and professional.

The truth is that the financial success of every business, either one-man or more, is largely determined by how it is perceived by potential
clients. It is our desire to help change every creamycakes@yahoo to
bookings@creamycakes and every crestconsulting@hotmail to
enquiries@crestconsulting or info@crestconsulting or both if so desired

Not being able to pay for your own name makes customers feel you are cheap

Registering a domain name comes at a minimal cost and it is
expected that a financially stable organization should be able to easily
register its domain name. Your inability or refusal to get your domain
name registered leaves your clients with the impression that you are cheap and perhaps, weak financially. It is like having black & white
letter-heads instead of coloured ones. You need to project yourself as an exquisite brand by registering your domain name.

You can be perceived as not ready for substantial business

Perception is key in the business world. Often times you do not get the second chance to make a good impression. Most business partners (both local and foreign) are very careful in choosing their business relationships. Perception remains one of the key elements that influences their decision to either do business with you or not.

Using free email services could be great turn off to big clients. You do
not want to be biting your fingers after missing out on an opportunity to seal a big business deal because of the wrong perception clients have of you. Register your domain name and open your business to substantive business opportunities.

Free email can make Prospects perceive your product and service as inferior.

When you are perceived cheap, your products and services will be labeled inferior in the minds of your existing and prospective customers. This could affect your sales negatively, hamper the growth of your organization and threaten your survival in the market space in the midst of your competition.

Any business organization that relies on free email services for business correspondence will find it difficult to convince its target market that its products and services are not inferior. You can get past this hurdle by simply getting your domain name registered so that you can use business emails for your correspondence.

Having your own business email adds credibility and makes your small business look big.

The place of credibility in the achievement of business success can not be over-emphasized. Your clients need to trust you with their money before they can do business with you. Small businesses need to prove to their prospective clients that they are trust-worthy and able to handle big projects.

Having your own business email makes gives you a good measure of
credibility and makes your small business look big.

Free emails can be hijacked and used to defraud your client.
The security level of free email services is not sufficient enough to
handle the delicate nature of business correspondence. The exchange of emails between you and your clients requires a high level of privacy and security which can not be guaranteed by free email services. Apart from the fact that free email services often come with lots of adverts and spam mails, they can be hijacked by fraudsters to defraud your clients. There are several reported cases of unsuspecting clients who have been tricked into paying into the personal bank accounts by scammers who specialize in intercepting the mails of companies that use free email services. Many business relationships have been ruined as a result of this loophole which has left many firms in deep losses.

You could avoid the pain of regret and spare your clients the agony of financial loss by avoiding the use of free email services for your
business correspondence.

Having your own business email shows that you are here to stay

Clients need to be absolutely sure that you are here to stay. A stable
business relationship is the craving of prospective clients. You need to
assure your clients that you can really stand the test of time. Having
your own business email sends the signal that you are stable, dependable and here for the long run.

Having email accounts, Admin@,Support@,Info@,Sales@ your company domain name creates the impression that your business is well organized and organizes your emails for quicker response.

Clients tend to respect and place a higher value on firms that can be
reached through separate business email accounts for different categories of correspondence. This gives them the feeling that you are really interested in their inquiries, feed-backs, and comments.
Also, it makes it easier for you to sort out your mails in a more
organized way and consequently your response to such mails will be faster.

Having email accounts such as Admin@yourname, Support@yourname and Info@yourname, creates flexible channels through which your clients can reach you. This automatically groups the mails you get and makes it easier and faster to respond to such mails.