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Why Webpresence?
Have you ever seen any serious business, for example a bank, use a yahoo, gmail or hotmail email address to communicate with their customers? What would you think if you got an email from Diamondbank@yahoo.com or GTBankAdmin@gmail.com?

Consider the following:

  • How do you feel when you get a business related email from a crestconsulting@hotmail.com? Rather unprofessional! Believe it or not, about 80% of Nigerian SMEs use emails that follow this form.

  • What do you think about a business whose MD has his business card reading tundex411@yahoo.com or johnkennedy83@gmail.com? Very unserious looking! But over 95% of Nigerian one-man run businesses (general contractors, building contractors, suppliers etc.) and small-scale businesses use these kinds of email addresses to do all their business communication with corporate bodies.

The truth is that the financial success of every business, either one-man or more, is largely determined by how it is perceived by potential clients. It is our desire to help change every creamycakes@yahoo to bookings@creamycakes and every crestconsulting@hotmail to enquiries@crestconsulting or info@crestconsulting or both if so desired.

What is the Webpresence Initiative?

Webpresence is the newest and hottest service being offered by Websoft that will undoubtedly usher us all into a new era. It is currently the most affordable business enhancement package. It is a business tool like no other targeted at repositioning Nigerian businesses.Webpresence is a turn-key web based solution that is guaranteed to give Nigerian businesses that serious and professional look they need in order to take advantage of local opportunities and attain credibility on a global level. It comes with the assurance of increasing corporate web presence by 100% instantly.Once the package has been set up, it comes with everything required (technology-wise) for you to begin receiving emails immediately after set-up. There is NO need to buy a separate web hosting package or domain name etc. it all comes in the same box. The webpresence packages come at no cost to the client, they are absolutely free. The only charges attached to the packages are a yearly access charge of

  • N10,000 (for a single corporate email address plus a single-template 3 page website)

  • N20,000 (for multiple corporate email addresses plus a multiple-template website with unlimited pages).

  • N30,000 (for multiple corporate email addresses plus a multiple-template website with unlimited pages and ONE of either a photogallery, online store or a dynamic fillable form)

If a client desires a website with extra features which are not covered by the provisions of any of the webpresence packages, such a request will be treated as a request for a custom website design and will be charged accordingly. The same also holds for requests for modifications to the layouts, templates, styles, other design aspects of the webpresence website or any other feature deemed as beyond the predetermined limitations of the webpresence packages.